Helicopter Easy Wheels

Helicopter Easy Wheels

All Original Easy Wheel Ground Handling sets have a Lifetime Warranty on:

skid and wheel axes which includes worn-out, bent, broken and/or separation from the wheel-hub.

Something completely NEW is warranty on tires!!!

Warranty on the Black “Standard” tires is 1 year.

Warranty on the Blue “Heavy Duty” tires is 3 years !


These Heavy Duty tires are intended for intensive use at flight schools and/or on tarmac/concrete with cracks.

Thanks to the low specific weight a set blue “Heavy Duty” Easy Wheels is 0,8kg. / 1,76Lbs. lighter compared

with a set black “Standard” Easy Wheels.


Original Helicopter Easy Wheels available from HELITECH in South-Africa.

Helicopter Easy Wheels makes moving your R44 or R66 possible with only one person.

This is essential product for the private helicopter owner.

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Helicopter Easy Wheels

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